Friday, May 10, 2019

Solo on Mother's Day

Being Alone on Mother's Day? That can't be right!

The other day, my eldest daughter, Faith, asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day. I thought for a few minutes of what to tell her. My husband chimed in like "yeah, where do you want to go, what do you want," etc.? He even reminded me that my birthday is also coming up and if I would like one big gift. As they continued to ask me I continued to ponder on what I really wanted. 

After about 5 minutes of thinking 🤔, I came to a conclusion. I said, "I want to go on a date by myself!" 
My family was so shocked.  Faith said, "Mommy, it's Mothers can't be by yourself!"
Hubby said, "It's your day. Shouldn't we be together?"
After laughing so hard, I replied "Exactly! It's my day and I need some me time! I'm always with everybody!"

How many of you moms feel this way? 
It's so hard for us to squeeze time for ourselves. We get mommy guilt if we feel we have not spent enough time with our kids and families. When we go shopping for ourselves we always walk out with something for the kids, hubby or house. I'm lucky if I even pick up one thing for myself.

Having mommy guilt is great! It means you truly care about your precious ones. At the same time, if you do not take time for yourself, it will begin to drain you. I always tell myself, "If I don't take care of myself, how can I take care of my family?"  Remember that.

The first time I went on a solo date after having my kids was so weird. It was quiet and there was no one to chase/ yell after. 🤣
However, once I relaxed and reminded myself how much I needed it, I had so much peace.

So, if it's been a minute... you may be asking, what date can I go on by myself? Look no further, I've got you! 

Here are my Top 5 favorite solo dates:

1. The Movies
Seeing a movie is one of the best solo dates you can take yourself on. There's no one to disturb you. It's even better if it's dine in. You can relax, eat and drink. One of my favorite theaters  Cut by Cinemark even has heated seats! 

2. Nails/Spa
Nothing screams self care like a spa day! It's a great way to relax. If you've been putting off that mani/pedi for so long, this weekend is your time! Book a spa and get a massage and put all your worries aside. Allow yourself to feel great! 

3. The Great Outdoors
Take a stroll, ride a bike, have a picnic, go hiking. You name it! There's so much to do outside. It's a great way to explore while also getting some exercise in. Don't forget to download your favorite podcast or make a playlist of your favorite tunes. 

4. Read
Go to your favorite bookstore and/or coffee shop and read that book you've been wanting to read for the longest time. With no kids yelling "mommy" every minute, you can finish that book in a few hours!

5. Photoshoot
Call your glam sqaud! Get your hair styled and your face beat. I know you've been putting off getting that new headshot! Even if you don't need a headshot, take some fun photos. We are always making sure to capture pictures of our kids. We spend so much time behind the camera and barely get any time in front of the camera. Have some fun getting glammed up! Maybe even have a boudoir shoot and start feeling like yourself again. 

6. Other ideas
Go to brunch/lunch-Try that new restaurant you've been eyeing. 
Become a tourist in your own city- There's lots of sights to see in your town. 
Sleep- Check in to a hotel for the night and finally sleep in!!

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”  I say, don't put off tommorow what you SHOULD do today! Don't let that to-do list or housework get in the way of enjoying some much needed solo time that will definitely feed your soul.

Have a Happy Mother's Day Beautiful  Momma! :) 


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