Monday, May 20, 2019

Mommy's Little Helpers

"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it" 
Proverbs 22:6

Many parents, teachers, doctors etc. debate on whether kids should help out around the house. Those all for it agree that it teaches children so much, while others disagree and think that children should be children and have fun. Where do you stand? 
I am that mom that agrees that children should be given chores/help clean up even as early as age one! There are so many benefits which I will explain!

Both of my girls attend a Montessori school which already promotes independence. My girls love to do things for themselves already which includes cleaning! My oldest, Faith who is 5 loves to wash dishes, help me cook, sweep etc. Tidying up her room is not her favorite though lol. My youngest, Joy, at 17 months loves to sweep and is good about cleaning up her toys and throwing trash away (which may or may not include spoons and socks 😂). I love that they love helping around the house and I am praying that won't change anytime soon!

Now into my top 8 reasons of why children should help around the house!

#1 - Learn Skills
The number of skills children will learn from doing chores is amazing! Our children will all go and live on their own one day, unless you want them at home forever! Therefore, they need to learn how to cook, shop, budget etc. in order to make the most out of their time and money. 

Children love to copy their parents, and they love to learn. 
If we teach them these life skills a little at a time while they are growing up, they will move out so much more confident and able to live by themselves without running into problems!

#2- Responsibility 
Giving your child a specific job or a specific area in the house to look after will help them learn how to be responsible in late life. This could be their bedroom, bathroom, or their toys for example.
Things that relate directly to them are a great place to start as they will see the benefit of keeping things organized, clean, tidy and appreciate more what you do for them as they grow up.

As parents, we tend to wait until the kids are sleeping or at school to get housework done (cleaning, cooking, washing etc.) 
I used to until I realized that my children will not do it if they do not see us doing it!
If children never see how much work and upkeep goes into running a house, how are they meant to learn how to do it themselves, and how are they meant to respect the house, their belongings, and you for doing it?
If children can get involved with the house work, they will appreciate how much we do! They will be less likely to leave their toys all over the floor if they are responsible for putting them away.

#4- Pride
Children like to feel proud about their achievements. 
Helping around the house will give them that sense of pride. 
Just don't forget to praise them positively! 

#5- Self- Resilience
Children should be able to rely on their parents to help them. However, teaching them to be self-reliance will help build confidence. Children will be more confident knowing they can achieve things on their own instead of us walking along them all the time.

#6- Keeps Them Busy
Anyone who has children will not disagree with this!
From sweeping, to dusting to putting toys away-the chores are endless!
Don’t get me wrong, do not just give our children chores to keep them busy all day, they do need free time, but giving them chores means they are less likely to complain about being bored and having nothing to do!

#7- Work Ethic
Why not start creating a work ethic in your kids as soon as possible?
You could create a daily and weekly checklist. If they complete their list you can have a reward for them!
At the same time, you are building an entrepreneurial spirit in your children!

#8- Fun!
Cleaning does not have to be boring! I like to make games out of it. For example, let’s see how many Legos we can pick up in a minute. Blast your kifs favorite Kidz Bop jam so they can also be entertained while cleaning!

Let the Cleaning Begin!
Running a home is one of the main life skills you can learn, and it’s one of our main jobs as parents to give our children the skills to live independently.

When you teach your children such great life skills, there can be a great sense of satisfaction. So what are you waiting for? Why not get them started today!

P.S. What chores are your children involved in? Let me know in the comments!


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