Tuesday, February 16, 2016

It's Official!!


When I saw this picture I immediately started laughing because of how real this picture is and how it relates to me. 

I got married 3 years ago and I officially changed my last name a month ago. I did change it on Facebook after a day or two but there were several reasons why I did not rush to change my last name. 

When I got married I was in grad school and to be honest I did not have the time to go through the name change process. I researched what I needed to do and it just overwhelmed me. I figured I would change my name after I graduated. 
After a few months I also got pregnant. I decided to go back on my fathers insurance plan since it was great! So I went back on my father's insurance and that slowed down the name change process once again. And then I moved and more excuses kept piling up and it just was not on the top of my to do list. 

I remember one day discussing name changes after marriage with a few married women at church and they told me they also had not changed their last name and they were married longer than me! I did not feel so bad. Not only did I not feel bad I realized I was not the only one. Don't get me wrong I did want to officially become Mrs. Oladimeji, just was not sure when. To everyone I was already Mrs. Oladimeji but on paper I was still Ms. Adekola. 

Before 2015 ended I told hubby that I was ready to change my name. He said finally and laughed because we both knew it had been postponed. As I got ready I got a little sad. I had to practice a new signature and really start writing Oladimeji on documents etc. I felt like I was becoming a new person and I was and it was bittersweet. 

I used hitchswitch.com which makes the process so easy. They sent me all the required paperwork and I made that trip to the social security office to let it be known I was changing my name. While there, I had a long wait and of course I complained and almost changed my mind lol but I stuck it though. It is a lot of work to do...calling banks, changing drivers license but in the end it is worth it. I now feel like my family is complete. No one has to ask me why I do not have the same last name as my daughter lol. 

I know some women criticize other women for not changing their last name after marriage. Did you change your name right away? Did you keep your maiden name? I would love to hear!

Till next time! Stay blessed!
Kemi O. 


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