Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sleeping Chronicles

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Let her sleep for when she wakes,
she will move Mountains
"People who say they sleep like a baby often don't have one"- Anonymous 

This is exactly how I feel. I have been wanting to write about my daughter's sleeping habits for so long but glad I waited...this is actually the perfect time. 

Let's go back 15 months ago when miss Faith was just born. She was a great sleeper...sleeping through the night. The first couple days she was born the nurses were always mad at me for not waking her up to eat, but I didn't care..why wake a precious sleeping baby from her sleep. I also didn't want her to get used to waking up at night for feedings. Well I had to anyway for about the first month because she was small lol. 

So for about the first seven months Faith pretty much slept through the night with short naps during the day. She was never really a napper. She would take about 2 naps during the day that never lasted an hour. Anyway after about seven months I noticed Faith's sleeping habits start to change. She started waking up more for nighttime feedings and ended up staying on our bed because I was too lazy to put her back into her bed. I began getting frustrated. I am in the early childhood field; I've worked with babies for years, even helped other parents get their babies to sleep, but I was having trouble with my own baby. I used to brag about her sleeping through the night now it was the complete opposite. At about 10 months I couldn't take it and tried to cry it out sleep training method for a day. I couldn't take seeing her scream and cry...I even cried. It didn't help that my mom made me feel horrible for isolating her since her room is upstairs and ours is downstairs. That night I concluded that crying it out is not for us and one day Faith would sleep on her own. 

When Faith turned one I thought things would change...NO! She refused to sleep in her pack n play (which we keep in our room) and still wanted nigh time feedings. Well I finally stopped the nighttime feedings at 13 months. If she woke up and wanted a feeding I offered her water and she would go right back to sleep. So the nighttime feedings stopped but she was still waking up. Since we were traveling for the Holidays I figured that might help Faith to sleep better once we got back and I was right!!

Once we got back she was still on our bed, but she slept through the night! I tried not to get too excited, but she kept doing it. So yesterday I decided it was time to put Faith I her crib. I to,d her that she's going to sleep like a big girl in her big girl bed and room. Did it work..yes it did..she made it through the night in her room!! I was way too excited we clapped and said yay and she got a big hug and kiss from mommy and daddy. 

So theres's my story. Yes we had some struggles but we overcame. Was Faith the perfect sleeping baby that the books talk All babies are different and you have to find out which method works for you. If you're baby is having trouble sleeping at night be patient and pray. Don't worry they will eventually learn to sleep on their own! Also, just know that when your child gets older and has their own baby and starts complaining, you can tease them about their sleeping habits as a mom sure did! 

Till next time! Stay blessed!
Kemi O. 



  1. It's funny how their sleeping pattern change very quickly. Eliana is the opposite, starting out waking up in the middle of the night for feeding, to sleeping perfectly through the night at about 6 months in her own room and crib.
    Every baby is definitely different. Glad

    1. I know lol i honestly thought Seyi would be sleeping through the night always lol i was shocked when she changed lol


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