Monday, December 22, 2014

Flying with Faith

She loves looking out the windows
My favorite holiday is just in a few days!! I love Christmas and everything about it! I know everyone has been busy shopping! I have not! For the past couple of weeks, I was busy prepping for a Christmas Show for my kids at work. The show was last Thursday and was a huge success!!

I have been so busy that I have not had time to go Christmas shopping or pack for my trip. I will be heading to New Jersey for the Holidays and I am so excited to see my family and friends.This is my 5th time flying with Faith this year and I think it's safe to say that I'm a pro at travelling with a baby. 

A few months ago I traveled alone with Faith and it was so hard. I had her stroller, car seat, diaper bag, carry on, and breast pump bag while carrying Faith on my chest. I know I looked crazy, but God definitely sent me Angels. So many people helped me even bought me breakfast. This time travelling will be a little easier since I am checking in a bag. I also ordered a car seat to keep in NJ since we will be travelling there a lot and her car seat now is to big to be lugging around. I also have a Boba Air carrier that is so convenient for travelling. It's a lightweight carrier that folds into a pouch and fits right in her diaper bag; I love it!

Since I have traveled so much with a baby I'll leave some tips that work for me to make my trips smooth. 

1. I usually book an early flight usually 6am because Faith will be tired since we woke her up early to get ready. By the time we board the plane, I usually feed her (breastfeed) and she's back to sleep! I'm still breastfeeding but that's for another post (ps.I'm trying to wean her, but it's not working lol)   

2. When packing I roll Faith's clothes to save space. This also allows me to pack more clothes for her. You always need lots of extra outfits ;-). I also try to pack a few days in advance just to make sure I have everything...I'm slipping this time lol. 

3. At the airport, I use a baby carrier to carry her on my chest. If I am taking a stroller I use the stroller as storage lol for my carry on or diaper bag. 

4. I put all my essentials in Faith's diaper bag and put everything else in my carry on. It makes it much easier when I'm searching for hand sanitizer or chapstick.

5. Pack a book or one of your child's favorite toys to keep them busy. Also pack snacks! Keep them busy munching! 

6. Try not to stress! Once you start stressing baby will feel it and that's not what you need!

Now that Faith is a toddler I do expect things to change. She's at the exploration stage so I'm anxious to see how things will go. I will let you know once we get back!I hope some of these tips will be useful for you. I hope you all enjoy your Holidays!! 

Jesus is the reason for the season!
Till next time! Stay Blessed!
Kemi O. 

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