Saturday, November 15, 2014

Faith and Tiaras

This pic was taken in August during a photoshoot
for a pageant I was on the committee of. 
I did it. Many of you may be asking did what unless you can tell from the title of this post. Well, I officially became a pageant mom! Yes, I entered Faith into a pageant. Now I know some of you may say why, she's only 1,  she'll be wearing make up, etc... I know those questions all went through my head as well. For starters, she will not be wearing any makeup lol. 

So a few weeks ago, I was looking for a charitable organization to give back to during the holiday season. Since I moved to Texas, I have not been giving back to my community or volunteering like I used to. Also, I want to teach Faith at an early age to be grateful for what she has and to give to those less fortunate than she is. So upon searching I came across the website for Miss Heart of Texas. I looked on their website and read that their mission is teaching girls the importance of giving back to their community and stomping out hunger. I thought that was pretty nice; a pageant not focused on beauty but on charity. So I signed Faith up because I love giving back and I love pageants and it's only $10! They have a division for me too and I almost signed myself up lol but getting Faith ready is just enough! 

The theme for her pageant is Christmas Wear! I love Christmas and decided to go with a Candy Cane theme. All the contestants will be walking only once. The most important aspect of the pageant is based on donations. The competition we are competing in is collecting gift wrapping supplies for a local organization. Faith and I (yes I bring her with me to help) have been busy collecting lots of gift wrapping supplies. The contestant with the highest value of points wins the highest title. Those of you who know me know that I am very competitive so I am going all out!! 

In addition to competing in her age division which is Baby Miss (ages 0-23 months) and Queen of Hearts, she will be competing for Miss Photogenic, Best Dressed and Viewer's Choice. I will need your help for the Viewer's Choice Award. This award is won by the most number of votes. Voting can be done online. Each vote is $1 and all proceeds will go to the organization we are sponsoring. If you would like to support you can vote by clicking here
Instructions are posted below 
Inline image 1

Thanks so much for your support and we will update you after the pageant!!

Till next time! Stay Blessed!

Kemi O. 

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