Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Shopping Chronicles

Shopping with a child is not easy; it’s even more difficult with a baby. They cry, they don’t want to
stay in the stroller or cart, or they get tired or hungry. Lately I have been trying to avoid going shopping with Seyi by myself for several reasons.
Reason #1
It’s summer and I’m in Texas so it is HOT! I have to wait a few minutes for the car to cool down before getting in. Those days when I have several errands to run can be overwhelming for both of us.
Reason #2
It’s a hassle taking her in and out the car seat. She fusses whenever she has to go back in her car seat in the first place and to do it a couple of times is asking for a lot of tears.  Although she’s ok sitting in her stroller but several times she wants to come out and be held and can cause quite a scene if you don’t take  her out.
Reason #3
Going shopping by myself means I can leave Seyi at home to spend quality time with daddy! Which also means that I’m not rushed out of my favorite store lol or hearing any complaints (you know how men can be when shopping with women)?

Although, I would rather leave her at home when I can there are some days I want to or have to take her with me and here are some things I do to make the shopping trip smooth.
Tip #1
I time the shopping based on her feedings and naps. I usually try to feed her and make sure she’s had a nap before we go. Of course I carry extra bottles and nursing cover, but she’s less fussy when we do get to our destination.
I also make sure her diaper is changed before we go and pray she won’t have a BM lol. I hate public restrooms yet alone changing her in one unless I really have to.
I try to avoid shopping on the weekends with her unless it is really early, but I usually go in the afternoons on weekdays. (which will change once I start my new job in August)
I have a shopping cart cover that I keep in my car at all times. This is a great invention! It has straps where I can attach some of her toys or sippy cup and she loves it! It keeps her busy and entertained. You can find the cart cover here.
Tip #5
I shop online a lot now for most things except for food. I also do a lot of site to store shipping so I or hubby can go pick it up.
Tip #6
I turn the shopping trip into a fun learning experience. I talk with Seyi and point things out to her as we cruise through aisles. I even let her hold some items until she starts to chew on them lol.

Shopping with a baby or toddler can become challenging or overwhelming, but I hope my tips can help make a shopping tripping a fun outing instead of an embarrassing outing!

At Costco with Seyi about a month ago, she loves going there!

Till next time! Stay blessed!
Kemi O. 


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