Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Gym Shopping

Hey guys!
I know everyone is probably busy running around getting last minute Christmas gifts. While you may have been busy shopping for gifts, I was busy shopping for a new gym.

Since January I have been a member of Planet Fitness. It was a great gym to get me started on my fitness journey. I went almost everyday for the past 12 months and made great gains, but it is time to move on. I wanted a new gym because there are certain things I want in a gym not that PF does not have.

1. I need a gym with classes. I hate doing cardio and I really need to, but I hate cardio machines. I would rather join a group class and do Zumba or a Spin Class. Unfortunately, Planet fitness does not have group classes.

2. Childcare
Currently, I do not need to take Seyi to the gym with me, but there may be a time I have to and PF does not have childcare.

3. I need more free weights 
Due to insurance policies, Planet Fitness has no squat racks or free benches for bench press etc. I am really tired of Smith Machines. I feel it is limiting my fitness goals.

4. Distance
Planet fitness is not that far, it's only 10 minutes, but sometimes it is far since I like to work out at 6am. I wanted a gym no more than 5 minutes away especially since I do workout 5-6 a week.

5. Personal Training
I currently do not need a trainer, but I just may decide to get one for that extra motivation.

So after months of reading reviews online and visiting local gyms; I found my new gym. Last week I joined a local gym called Legacy Fitness and Gym. They happened to be having a winter special (which i figured) and I got a very good deal. It has everything I am looking for. Today was my first day and I loved it..I just need to get acquainted with all the machines and knowing their location etc.

I am really excited about my new gym. It's important to me to join a gym I really feel comfortable in since I will be spending a lot of time there. I am looking forward to meeting my goals for the next year and cant't wait to share them with you.

What do you look for in a gym? I'd love to hear!

Till next time! Stay blessed and fit!
Kemi O.

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